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Touching Developmental Trauma
Nurturing Prenatal and Infant States
The implicit self and the foundation of identity

As children, we do not start laying down explicit conscious memories until we are two to three years old, when the hippocampus—the brain area critical to explicit memory storage—begins to mature. Before that, we encode implicit unconscious memories in our bodies, through sensations and emotions.

Touching developmental trauma begins with offering the missing nonverbal nurturing experiences of body-centered support, attuned touch, and safety―a secure foundation of embodied trust from which a new adult sense of self can emerge.

This webinar looks at how to create a present-day body-mind collaboration that supports the repair of traumatic disruptions to our developmental progression.


In Touching Developmental Trauma, we discuss:

What is somatic psychology
How neuroscience validates somatic psychology

Why the therapeutic use of touch is important
Nurturing infant and early developmental states
Tools for connecting with your body-mind

…and along the way, we explore:
Right and left brain differences
Trauma and a game-changing discovery
Explicit and implicit memory

Length: 2:15 hrs

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