Touch & Sexual Healing: Touch as the Primary Element of Sensual and Erotic Expression


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By Dr. Aline LaPierre

In Touch & Sexual Healing, Dr. Aline LaPierre addresses sensual and erotic touch experiences from several perspectives. She explores the personal and intimate sensual and erotic dimension of our human relational experience.

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First Dr. LaPierre looks at the neural basis of the sense of touch by reviewing the key tactile receptors in the skin, muscles, and deep tissues and their effect on the brain. With these sensory principles in mind, she presents touch exercises that address the development of palpation awareness. She then looks at how the power of intention and the importance of focused attention helps us enter the present moment of sexual relationship and fine tune the psychological experience of touching a partner erotically. Finally, the important aspect of using touch to heal the wounds that abuse and neglect leave in our lives are considered.

Dr. LaPierre ends on an inspirational note with the description of a healthy erotic touch exchange seen as a three phase unfolding of attunement, resonance, and integration.

eBook: 36 pages
Published: 2007
Format: PDF

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