The Mini


Use this pillow on your heart to bring healing to a wounded heart or soothing to a weary heart. It is also wonderful on the nape of the neck, throat, or anywhere else in need of soothing.

The unique heart shape lends itself to bilateral uses. We have a saying: “Two hearts are better than one” because we like to put one Heart Pillow on the top of each shoulder with the points facing outward.

The cover can be removed for washing, and replaced.

The NeuroAffective Touch® Institute is neither a regulatory nor licensing organization and therefore not sanctioned to certify, license, or otherwise bestow the legal authorization to practice as a mental health professional. The NeuroAffective Touch® Institute reserves the right to approve or deny any application to any training or membership, revoke approval at any time, and approve or deny the participation of any person, at its sole discretion, with or without cause, and in accordance with its policies and the law.

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