Victor is our creative powerhouse. He is an industrial designer and photographer with a degree in apparel design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing (FIDM) in Los Angeles.

With loads of experience in several design fields, he makes our Nurture to Heal™ Therapeutic Pillows by hand. We appreciate Victor’s multiple talents―as Executive Director, he keeps our company on track. He also brings skills in drawing and design, pattern-making, shopping for the best velvets and filler seeds, sewing, streamlining our manufacturing process, overseeing quality control, organizing order fulfillment, and so much more.

He is equally at home with our industrial sewing machines, handling a power saw or a sewing needle. Because sewing is a messy business, and cleaning up is part of the ritual, he has the best vacuums known to humanity in all shapes and sizes. He is constantly improving our workspace with the most delightful, creative, and thoughtful upgrades, such as his special magnets, which he places in auspicious locations to catch the pins that fly off the pillows in the sewing process.