In addition to being our Administrator, Victor Osaka can also be found behind the camera as videographer, producer, and editor of the Institute’s training materials and promotional videos.

Victor was first introduced to alternative healing as a child by his grandmother, who was a Kahuna healer in Hawaii. His mother, a practicing Buddhist, raised him within the principles of that spiritual path. Being naturally intuitive, Victor has always been called to the healing arts, and has explored many modalities, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), craniosacral therapy, and shiatsu. He is certified in Postural Integration® and is an accomplished martial artist. When he manages to find the time, he relaxes playing music on his ukuleles.

With Aline and Laura, Victor is cofounder of Nurture to Heal™. He uses his degree from FIDM Los Angeles and his experience in apparel design to play a major role in the design and manufacturing of the Nurture to Heal™ Therapeutic Pillows.