Sue has over 30 years of experience working therapeutically, beginning with her studies in performing arts, drama therapy, and psychology. Even as a keen performing artist, she was passionate about sharing her knowledge and supporting young people to find healthy ways to express themselves. She related to the young people she worked with, and they related to her. Throughout her teaching career, young people whose behavior often led them to be excluded found refuge in her drama studio.

Sue trained as a Psychodynamic Counsellor and Integrative Arts Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and specialized in working with children who are victims of abuse and neglect. Often not living with their biological parents, they engage in disordered eating, self-harm, and risky behaviors, such as alcohol/drug abuse, abusive relationships, educational exclusion, and social isolation. In 2007, Sue set up Kids Inspire (, a children's mental health and trauma recovery charity. Early in its foundation, she implemented family-inclusive treatment, which meant families received therapy alongside the child to support long-term sustainable outcomes.

She has since trained in NeuroAffective Touch, Somatic Experiencing, NARM, ISP, EMDR, DDP, CATT, and some short courses in orthobionomy. Sue deeply believes that one does not fully heal from developmental trauma without touch. Helping individuals to strengthen their relationship with their mind and body, supporting parents/carers to know the principles of NeuroAffective Touch for use at home, getting to know the younger parts of her adult clients, and enabling all her clients (age 4 to 84) to have a felt sense that they "exist, belong and are loved" has been profoundly transformational.

 Sue is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Psychotherapy (by Professional Studies), and of course, her research proposal concerns NeuroAffective Touch. Teaching Neuroaffective Touch feels like a natural progression, and she has loved every minute of assisting in all the trainings since 2019.