As a student of life, it was natural for Diane to move into the role of Student Learning Support. A Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor for 25 years, Diane is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and a Teaching Assistant at many NeuroAffective Touch trainings.

Diane’s life path has brought her from a small town in Wisconsin to many years in greater Chicago and now to Los Angeles. She has studied depth psychology, using dreamwork and psychodrama as healing modalities. For many years, she worked in inpatient behavioral health settings where she created a curriculum for Spirituality Groups that gently invited adults and adolescents to experience and explore their inner worlds through practices like mindfulness, guided imagery meditation, artistic expression, and psycho-spiritual education.

Her work in private practice includes creating space for those who identify as LGBTQ+ to find safety to explore and express their identities. Diane fully believes that a felt sense of safety is the foundation for the risk-taking necessary to facilitate healing and growth. In Los Angeles, she has studied at the School of Integrative Psycho-Structural Bodywork (IPSB), expanding her knowledge of the body and understanding of bodymind healing.