The Nurture to Heal Blanket

Size: 80″ x 62″ (200 x 158 cm, not including fringe)

Our blankets are loomed in Mexico and carefully chosen with nurturing support in mind. They are thick, soft, and heavy so that they can serve a variety of functions ― support, bolster, protect, buffer, shield, or give refuge.

The blankets can be rolled, folded, draped, and tucked to customize supporting the body in various ways: for example, folded they give just the right resilient support, rolled they provide the safeguard needed for our Nurture Surround process, and of course they are warm and cozy when comfort and security are called for.

Due to the recycled content colors may vary.

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Product Details

Contents: Our Nurture to Heal blankets are made of 100% recycled fibers.

The Recycling Process: Recycled fabric is sorted by color and put through three different shredding processes that reduce the fibers to about an inch and a half in size. The fibers are then spun into yarn and woven into blankets.

What Makes the Blankets so Thick and Soft?

These heavy blankets are tightly woven. The secret to their softness and thickness is achieved with the last manufacturing step before they are cut to size: the blankets are put through a roller machine that pulls the fibers apart on both sides at the same time. This unique process makes them especially soft and thick.

Blanket Colors and Patterns: Because recycled fabrics vary, blanket colors and woven patterns never repeat exactly. Blanket colors and patterns are unique and reversible. Although the quality is consistent, we cannot order specific colors or patterns and never know ahead of time what a shipment will contain.

Maintenance: The blankets can be machine washed on a gentle cycle in warm water and tumble dried on a low cool setting. They become softer with each wash. They can also be steamed.

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