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NeuroAffective Touch®

Could integrating psychotherapy and touch transform your practice?

Touch is at the foundation of our relational experience. Scientific evidence has shown that attuned, caring touch is critically important for normal brain development as well as for healthy emotional and cognitive maturation.

NeuroAffective Touch® is a professional somatic training that introduces psychotherapists and bodyworkers to touch as a vital therapeutic bridge to body-mind integration. The training addresses attachment, emotional, and relational deficits that cannot be reached by verbal means alone. NeuroAffective Touch® was created by Dr. Aline LaPierre, clinician, author, teacher, and Vice President of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP). Learn more about NeuroAffective Touch® >

A Polyvagal-Informed Model

NeuroAffective Touch® is a polyvagal-informed model that uses intentional mindful touch to bring the unconscious memories held in the body into conscious awareness. Working with the polyvagal nervous system, NATouch™ helps establish a new somatic foundation from which to rework trauma-based unconscious behavioral responses and rebuild self-awareness and identity.

By the Coauthor of Healing Developmental Trauma


Dr. Aline LaPierre is the coauthor of Healing Developmental Trauma, an essential guide for anyone seeking to heal complex PTSD and looking for new tools to expand self-awareness and support post-traumatic growth.

Healing Developmental Trauma clearly explains the symptoms that result from chronic relational and emotional distress. Now in nine languages, the book emphasizes working with a person’s strengths, capacities, and resiliency to regulate the nervous system and promote attuned connection to self and others. 

NeuroAffective Touch® Foundation Training

Renegotiating Developmental and Relational Trauma

“How do you quiet down the frightened animal inside of you? The answer to that is probably in the same way that you quiet down babies. You quiet them by holding and touching them, by being very much in tune with them, by feeding and rocking them, and by very gradual exposure to trying new things.”

Bessel van der Kolk, MD

Have you been thinking about making a change in your practice?

Integrating the body, brain, and nervous system with traditional psychotherapy is now at the forefront of clinical advances for healing attachment wounds and early developmental deficits. Be a pioneer! Transform your practice. Experience how including the body and the therapeutic use of touch can transform your practice and your perspective as a clinician.

NATouch Learning Objectives

You will enhance your clinical outcomes by integrating body and mind in the resolution of attachment trauma and emotional/relational deficits.

  • Develop the key somatic and bodywork skills necessary for working with attachment deficits
  • Access preverbal and nonverbal states 
  • Move beyond the traditional psychodynamic understanding of identity as residing in the mind by working simultaneously top-down with the mind and bottom-up with the body
  • Use neuroception, interoception, and proprioception to work with implicit procedural memory and resolve dissociative states 
  • Teach clients practical self-care touch exercises to stabilize their nervous system
Aline LaPierre NeuroAffective Touch Training

Training Schedule

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NeuroAffective Touch Training with Laura Melton

Foundation Training Curriculum


NeuroAffective Touch® and The New Diagnosis of Complex PTSD

The World Health Organization in its 2018 International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) now recognizes the new diagnosis of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). Consequently, training in how to work with developmental trauma and complex PTSD is more important than ever.

NeuroAffective Touch® addresses the effects of family abuse and neglect that are at the root of complex PTSD. By communicating directly with the body at the nonverbal level where we have all received our first imprints, NeuroAffective Touch® treats childhood emotional and relational traumas that unconsciously shape our behavior and sense of identity.

How Students are Impacted by the NeuroAffective Touch® Training

Mark NeuroAffective Touch Trainingarrow NATouch™ and BodyworkMark“It was about generating a state, a space, an energetic quality in the body. Once in that space, the tight places let go automatically.”
Jillian NeuroAffective Touch Trainingarrow Mind-Heart DialogueJillian“The heart was so tenuous in approaching the mind because of this assumption that the mind was going to be dismissive and detached.”
Judy NeuroAffective Touch Trainingarrow Cellular ImprintingJudy“Literally my cells started to change. They felt like clear bubbles. I stayed in that state to feel it, to take on that new imprint.”


Maggie Kline Somatic Experiencing Faculty

Healing Developmental Trauma

Healing Developmental Trauma provides clear guidance to help us hold, with knowledge and self-compassion, those seemingly irreconcilable opposites and is a vital and accessible map supporting emotional maturity and psycho-spiritual growth.”

Peter A. Levine, PhD Founder of Somatic Experiencing®